Pulsar Pipe Pimp


The Pulsar Pimp Bong Lighter Holder is a magnetic silicone water pipe band that is made to keep your lighter handy. All smokers know how hard it is hard to keep track of a lighter. It is annoying to not find your lighter when you need it most.

The Pulsar Pimp makes it so you always keep your lighter with your pipe. Problem solved! Much easier and less awkward to use than a lighter leash.

The stretchy silicone band has a 1.8″ inner diameter to fit most water pipe tubes that are approx. 2″ in diameter.

Have you ever smoked with a group of friends and some one hands you the bong in one hand and then forget to pass the lighter? It gets awkward real fast.

When you use the lighter holder with your bong they always stay together. It makes it easy to pass the bong around with you and your buddy. It’s a no-brainer.

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