Storz & Bickel Crafty+ Vaporizer


 Suitable for dry herbs

 Not suitable for nicotine


The new adventure begins now. The battery-powered CRAFTY+ is the perfect companion for all your pursuits. Handy and compact, the CRAFTY+ provides you with outstanding vapor quality, flavor and air flow for elevated everyday experiences. Don’t sacrifice performance for portability – get both with the CRAFTY+


  • USB-C charging socket
  • 25 minutes faster charging
  • 1,4 cm³ sized ceramic coated filling chamber


    • One-button control
    • 3 pre-set temperatures:
    • Basis temperature: 180° C (356 °F)


    • Booster temperature: +15 °C (27 °F) = double-click


    • Superbooster temperature: +30 °C (54 °F) = triple-click


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